Teach Reading at Home

Hello, I'm Mary, a retired reading tutor. I have used the Courses available on this site to equip untrained people to teach pre-reading skills and reading.These people, usually mothers and grandmothers, have used these Courses to teach their husband, adult child, school-aged child, pre-school child, and other friends and relatives to read.

FREE ebooks

Here are some free books on literacy-related topics. They are designed to be read online as flip books, downloaded, or printed as A4 PDFs. (No registration is required.)


Click the cover of the Course you want to buy. You'll be taken to Gumroad, the sales platform, where you can purchase and download the Course as a standard A4 PDF ebook.To read more detailed information about the Teach Reading at Home Course, read the About The Teach Reading at Home Course ebook in the Free Ebooks section.All prices are in USD.


If you have any questions about the Courses, or wish me to add an article on a specific literacy topic, contact me using the following email (with adjustments):teachreadingathome AT proton DOT me